Genie the Wild Child Paper

Topics: Scientific method, Case study, Evaluation methods Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Genie the Wild Child

1) A case study is when researchers conduct in-depth investigations of individuals or of small groups. The EX POST FACTO method is an experimental research process, where the researcher manipulates the independent variable, while the dependable variable is controlled with the aim of establishing the effect of the independent variable on the dependable variable. There are many advantages and disadvantages to case studies. An advantage is that it can provide insight to specific cases. A disadvantage is that it may focus on isolated circumstances or events that cannot be replicated. Also a disadvantage is that people interviewed in case studies may distort their past experiences.

2) The scientists were trying to find out if people learn language from their environment or are they born with an innate ability to speak? They were also trying to find out if people can learn a language at any time in their lives or must they learn to speak when they are young? The hypothesis of their study was that she would not be able to come back to be a normal living human that is her actual age.

3) Genie spent nearly all of the first thirteen years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation ever documented. Genie was discovered by Los Angeles authorities on November 4, 1970. Psychologists exhibited great interest in the case because of its perceived ability to reveal insights into the development of language and linguistic critical periods. Initially cared for in the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Genie later became the subject of bitter debate over where and with whom she should eventually live, moving between the houses of the researchers who studied her, to foster homes, to her mother's house, and finally to a sheltered home for adults with disabilities in California. Funding and research interest in her abilities eventually ceased and she quickly regressed to...
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