Glass Ceiling Case Study

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Case Study: Did Attorney Evans Bump Her Head on the “Glass Ceiling?” The Case can be found in the Course Content area of our classroom. For the purpose of this assignment, “the group” is the company where Ms. Evans is employed.

Write a two- to three-page paper analyzing the assigned case study of women and men in the workplace. Base your analysis on the course readings, conference discussions, and additional research on group dynamics and communications (include at least two additional research resources). The paper should answer the following questions:

In this case, what benefits come from having both women and men in the group?

The benefits of having both men and women in the group is that the decisions would not be biased. Decisions made will come from different point of views and from both men and women within the law firm. The decision on whether to make Ms. Evans partner does not rely solely on the decision of male colleagues.

Analyze and describe, in the context of the literature and research, the behavior of the women and men in the group. The behavior
What strengths does each sex bring to the project?

What challenges are evident?
One of the primary challenges Meghan face is her ability to handle large projects. Although she is liked by many of her colleagues her abilities in her performance does not will them over entirely. In Meghan 6th year evaluation period, 32 of 91 evaluations were for various degrees of recommendations. 14 recommended her with enthusiasm, 6 with mixed emotions, and 4 with negative feelings”

What would you recommend to the participants that they do differently (both women and men) to increase the effectiveness of the group?

Based on this case study, list two to four actions you will take to strengthen your effectiveness in a mixed-sex work situation.

In addition,
Define in your own terms what you believe is meant by the “Glass Ceiling.” •...
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