Green Building

Topics: Case study, Scientific method, Qualitative research Pages: 4 (932 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tourism Sector: Frameworks, Tools and Practices

Topics for case studies or concept papers.

TOPIC 1 (5-7 case studies or concept papers)
Engaging stakeholders in an adaptation process
The case of (country name)
A preliminary plan for (country name)

If you choose a case study, please explain the process that your country/institution/organization has followed in order to build a local, national or regional partnership responsible for implementing an adaptation plan. List the stakeholders that you have chosen and explain how you selected them, the role of the leading partner and the “decision-making rules” regulating the partnership. List any problems that have occurred and, where possible, focus on cases involving a degree of conflict. For such cases explain how the conflict was resolved or, if the conflict was not resolved, why a resolution was not possible. List the main lessons learned and how these lessons could be used by other destinations.

If you choose a concept paper, please explain how you plan to build a local, national or regional partnership responsible for the implementation of an adaptation plan. List the stakeholders that you consider should be invited and the reasons for inviting them, state how you plan to manage the partnership and what decision-making rules you think are the most appropriate for the partnership. How do you anticipate confronting problems and resolving conflicts? What kind of assistance you will need to build the partnership. What you would recommend to a “senior executive” of your organization or institution?

TOPIC 2 (5-7 cases studies or concept papers)
Assessing impacts and evaluating risks e.g.
• Sea level rise in (country name)
• Water shortage in (country name)
• Threats for wildlife in (country name)
• Natural disasters in (country name)
• Coastal erosion in (country name)

Select one of the above climate change...
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