Guidelines for Your Case Write-Up:

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Guidelines for your case write-up:
What follows is a pretty exhaustive outline for case preparation. You are likely to work on plenty of cases while at Bocconi and may already have done so. I have found that this detailed outline steers students towards the right approach and outcome.

A. Preparation
1. Read cases carefully and analyze all statistical data. It may be useful to read the case two, three or more times if necessary. Most cases are short, but loaded with relevant facts. 2. Determine the major problem or problems involved in the case. 3. With the problem(s) in mind, think about and search for alternative courses of action that are feasible. Extra research may be necessary at this stage. Consult your finance textbooks, course materials and other references.

4. Develop your plan for presenting the case in written form. B. A strongly recommended (but not required) way of organizing your report is to divide your report into six parts, as follows:
1. Executive Summary: Half a page that concentrates on the statement of the problem and your recommendations, but not on the process used to reach your conclusion. The executive summary stands on its own and is designed to provide a concise briefing for a busy executive.

2. Summary of Facts: Present a very brief summary of important facts. Omit nonessential facts that do not affect your analysis of the problem. Keep in mind that the intended audience of your report probably also works for the company and is familiar with the basic facts of the case.

3. Statement of Problem: State the problem or problems which you intend to analyze and that you feel are most important. Attempt to state the problem in one or two short sentences. The ability to state a problem concisely and clearly is an extremely valuable skill. Practice it now!

4. Analysis: Present your analysis or discussion in a rough outline form using complete sentences or short paragraphs. Use headings, spacing, indentations, and other...
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