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Proper Case Study Format

“Almost anyone can follow a trail; the key skill is knowing what trail to follow.”

Proper case format is essential not just from the perspective of handing in a written case, but also from the perspective of thinking through the case – it provides a structured, logical process to your analysis. The following is the required format for a full case analysis:


The executive summary appears first in your report, but is written last. The Executive Summary must accomplish the following:

Summarize the report to follow – the key points – in one page or less; Be clear, concise, and persuasive and the key selling feature of the report; Outline the following:
The issues;
The recommended solution;
The key rationale;
The final decision;
Brief description of the action plan.


This may be one of the most difficult parts of the whole case analysis. If you cannot correctly identify the situation and problem to be dealt with, it is very difficult to reach an acceptable decision point and plan of action.

The Statement of the Facts must accomplish the following:

List the essential facts of the case, including page references, using proper business terminology when appropriate; Group the essential facts into logical categories;
Eliminate any “non-essential” information from the case;
Often in a case study there will be a series of problems, some of which will be interrelated and some which will be separate issues. It is often necessary to distinguish between problems and symptoms, and to identify deep underlying problems or issues using proper business terminology.

The Statement of Problems or Issues must accomplish the following:

Identify the Immediate (Surface) Problem(s)
The obvious, surface problem – often a result of the primary problem,...
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