Hbs Case Study: Oscar Mayer

Topics: Oscar Mayer, Nutrition, Case study Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: November 5, 2011
Case Study Example Oscar Mayer Case / MKT 300 / 2009
This is an example of an “A” case write-up from a past course. Notice the paper is clear, concise, and focuses on the author’s recommendation but also brief and to the point. – There is a short description of the case written in the author’s own words summarizing the situation and identifying the core issue. There is not regurgitation of the case meaning the author did not repeat the case word-for-word instead he/she chose to state the situation his/her own way. The primary focus of this case analysis is the author’s recommendation of what Oscar Mayer should do. The recommendation is well supported and the author gives implementation suggestions. One suggestion I had for this author is to offer some of his/her own thoughts on alternative solutions instead of just leveraging the alternatives the case states.

Please also keep in mind the stated definition of an “A” in this course as stated in the Grade Policy section of the syllabus: “A” coursework is truly outstanding. It stands out from B coursework by its sophisticated treatment of the topic and clear presentation. The “A” coursework displays extensive evidence of critical thinking and offers special insight into the coursework discussed. In addition to careful and thorough data analysis, the “A” coursework synthesizes and applies the information and concepts presented with background material. The Introduction in the “A” coursework is engaging and relevant; the terminology used is highly descriptive yet concise; the coursework overall is clear and exciting. It leaves the “audience” satisfied and with a better understanding of the material.

Americans’ diets are continuously evolving and are notorious for being effortlessly influenced by trends. Most fad diets quickly dissolve, as quickly as, they emerge. One trend that continues to gain momentum in American society is the trend toward healthier and lower fat protein options. In addition,...
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