Helping Skills Case

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Helping Skills Case Study
Laura Rubio
June 15, 2015
Tristram Jones
Helping Skills Case Study
The first thing that I would do, would be to welcome Susan into a quiet comfortable atmosphere. The next thing that I would do, would be to introduce myself to her and let her know that I am here to help her. In my first meeting with Susan, I would first address the issues that she is having with her son. I would then ask her what it is that she wants as far as helping her son with his issues. I would then talk to Susan about the situation that has happened with her husband leaving, and then to see if she has dealt with the feelings that came up when this happened. I would also discuss with her about feelings that could come up. And would talk to her about depression that could accompany with this type of situation. My next step that would follow that is to make sure that she gets the help that she, herself may need. I would let her know that everything is going to be okay, and that I would do my best on trying to assist her in achieving her goals. I would also let her know that if it is something that I am not able to assist her with, I will get her the help that she will need. I would then go over the confidentiality clause and ask her if there was anything that she did not understand, then I would let her know that if there is any other assistance that she would need outside of mine that I would always need her permission in order to refer her to anyone else and have her sign off on it. After I have done this I would then show her my empathy and let Susan know that I do understand what she is going through, and that I will start to ask some necessary questions. I would then start asking some necessary questions like has she received any help for her situation that pertained to her son. I would also ask her if she had received any help on depression for the both of them, due to her husband leaving. I would ask her that if she had received any...
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