Hercor College Case Study

Topics: Customer, Case study, Quality of service Pages: 8 (704 words) Published: January 20, 2015
Hercor College
Lawaan, Roxas City
A Case Study Analysis of

“Service quality towards costumer satisfaction”

Presented to:

Ms. Nesel G. Colona

Presented by:

Sylvialane Villarde
Jennifer Delamide
Ron Ron Catarining

1. Point of View

We the Hrm ladderized 2-b having a case study analysis in “Principles of Management” about the “Service quality towards customer satisfaction” in Chowking.

Generally, from the view point of our case study analysis service quality is achievement of organizational goal in every establishment. If a fast food restaurant have a high quality of service it can give a good image to the establishment and encourage more costumer or upcoming guest. Service quality can be related to the service potential life workers qualification and service process and also the quickness of service. The result is customer satisfaction, Service quality is also a companion of expectation with performance to gain more costumers and measure the subjective aspects of service benefit with perceived result. 2. Statement of Problem

After a series of our case study we had come up into a specific problem statement to the case analysis. And it states; “The importance of service quality towards costumer satisfaction in every establishment” 3. Objectives

This group case analysis was made in order to highlight answer, perceptions, understanding, and solution to the following objectives;

A. To know from the costumer if they achieved their wants service. B. To know from the costumer if what service rendered.
C. To understand the importance of service quality as Chowking competitors advantage.

4. Areas of Consideration
In our analysis towards the resolution of this problem, the following areas of consideration were considered;

A. Well-trained employees.
B. Pay attention to the costumer and approaching them with a positive attitude. C. Good looking employees.
D. Having an extra service to those “person with disabilities”. E. Loyalty in each costumer and employees.
F. Wide space in every branch to accommodate more costumers. G. Maintain and developed the quickness of the service.

5. Alternative Courses of Action

In order for the group to come up with a specific alternative courses of towards the resolution of the problem that states , “ The importance of service quality towards customer satisfaction” We have weighted the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of different attributes of service quality towards costumers satisfaction

1. Quick in Service
2. Loyal to each customer
3. High air-conditioned restaurant
4. Quickly responds the customer’s especial needs

1. Most of products are costly
2. Lack of space
3. Few choices of products
1. Promise the quality service rendered to each customer
1. Competitors
2. Over Familiarity

Based on the above gathered strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of service quality towards costumers satisfaction to a certain organization specially fast foods restaurant which is the subject of our analysis, the following Alternative Courses of Action were suggested.

ACA 1:

Affordable product

Advantage: 1. this will be more favorable to those costumer or guest with a minimum budget. 2. This will be more encourage and patronize more costumers.

1. Probably those high class costumers will not buy the product of that said establishment. 2. Other competitor will also decrease their products.

ACA 2:

Expansion of space in the establishment.

1. More customers to be accommodate
2. Customers can freely move and avoid accident.
3. Comfortably ambience to both costumers and...
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