Topics: Scientific method, Case study, Communication Pages: 5 (866 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Stallings, Walton Dees
Hennessy, Terri A.
Kofler, Silvia
Vaughan, David K
Decker, Amy B

1.Short memo: due at the end of Week 1, June 9 by midnight. 2.Project #1 (audience analysis memo): due at the end of Week 1, June 9 by midnight. 3.Memo 2 with research: due at the end of Week 2, June 16 by midnight. 4.Proposal Report: due at the end of Week 3, June 23 by midnight. 5.Presentation: due at the end of Week 4, June 30 by midnight. 6.Cover letter & Resume: due at the end of Week 5, July 7 by midnight. 7.Progress Report: due at the end of Week 6, July 14 by midnight. 8.Journal: due at the end of Week 7, July 21 by midnight.

9.Business Report: due at the end of Week 7, July 21 by midnight. 10.Proctor “Final” essay exam: take during week 8 (July 22-28) 11.Weekly Discussions: due each week by Sunday evenings

Summary of Weekly Assignments

Week 1

Readings: Read the Guidelines thread in the Course Home section of our online classroom; read Lecture Week 1; read chapters 1 and 2 in our primary text for this course, Locker and Kienzler’s Business and Administrative Communication. Students should also look at the Table of Contents for the grammar text for this course, The Gregg Reference Manual, which is intended primarily as a practical reference work.

Discussions: What is the cost and the worth of communication in 21-century businesses and other organizations? Discuss strategies and techniques for preventing and detecting plagiarism.

Project #1: All-Weather Case: Students will develop an Audience Analysis Memo based on the case study provided.

Writing Assignment #1: Students will select a country that interests them and create a hypothetical company and business that will be doing business in the country they have chosen. Students will research and write a memo describing current business and economic conditions in the country that might affect the company’s operations.

Begin Journal.

Week 2

Readings: Read Lecture Week 2; read Chapters 5 (Communicating Across Cultures) and 6 (Working and Writing in Teams) in Locker; read pages 417-419 in The Gregg Reference Manual (GRM).

Discussions: Create a Web page of international information for workers and managers who will be going to a specific foreign country to work, and explain how you developed the page. Discuss how you can measure whether your writing meets standards for readability.

Writing Assignment #2: Students will continue to develop the scenario of assuming they are part of a company that is considering operations in the specific foreign country already identified. They will write a letter with documented research explaining how cultural factors in the chosen country may affect business operations, social contacts, shopping, and other considerations if the company you have created decides to move an operation to that country. The letter will also make appropriate recommendations.

Project #1 due

Writing Assignment #1 due

Week 3

Readings: Read Lecture Week 3; Read Chapters 7 (Planning, Composing, and Revising) and 8 (Designing Documents), and the sections on proposals in Chapter 18 in Locker; Skim Section 12 (Editing and Proofreading) in The Gregg Reference Manual (GRM).

Discussion: Mosaic case-study: content of and standards for annual reports.

Writing Assignment #3: Research Proposal for the Business Research Report (Writing Assignment #7). Based on scenario for Assignments #1 and #2, students will prepare and submit a research proposal requesting approval to focus on specific areas for Writing Assignment #7 (Business Report with Recommendations), including a list of at least ten (10) references from their preliminary research.

Writing Assignment #7: Business Research Report (due Sunday of Week 7). See the details in Week #3 for this assignment, which is the Core Assessment for the course.

Writing Assignment #2 due

Week 4

Readings: Read Lecture Week 4; read Chapters 9 (Creating Visuals...
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