History of Personal Computers

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Here For Now, Here For Forever
A long, long time ago, calculators were people’s fingers and rocks they picked up off the floor. Personal computers have evolved so much that now any calculation can be done in a split second by the dumbest person. Society today now relies on computers for everything. Imagine how the world would be today if we did not have such a blessing. A lot of thanks are owed to the great few who pioneered the computer and technology, for without them the world would be crippled and boring.

The first computers origins are really unknown; man has been creating machines and devices to simplify calculations throughout time. The first attempt at a computer for calculating this was the abacus. It was used as a simple counting tool. The first calculator was developed in 1623 by Wilhelm Schikard.It used wheels to show the calculations and worked like a pulley system mixed with a modern day odometer in your car. Though it was a step in the right direction it was in fact not a computer as we think of them today.

The real history of personal computers began in the 1970’s. After the development of microprocessors, individual computers were cheap enough in costs that they became retail consumer goods(Wikipedia). In the years following the engineering departments at almost all computer companies hit the bandwagon in creating computers that any normal person could use. The Apple II was the first well known personal computer for home use. I remember using one of these in my kitchen when I was maybe 6 years old. I would mash the keys like a blind man and just be entertained by seeing them appear on the screen. Steve Wozniak and his friend Steve Jobs founded Apple Computers and this is where the race for technological superiority began in Silicon Valley, which to this day is the main hub for computer companies around the world (Wikipedia).

Now forty years later here I am, sitting on my very own personal computer writing you this paper. Honestly I...
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