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HMSI Fiasco
Case Background:
The case study outlines the events precluding the violence of July 25th, 2005, the incident itself and the steps taken by the HMSI management to restore normalcy in the HMSI factory at Gurgaon. Now the president of HMSI needs to identify the steps required to remove all disharmony that may have been fostered during the events of July 25th and create an environment which is conducive for HMSI to regain its lost glory and look forward to a period of growth and progress. Reactive Measures:

Some of the steps taken by the management following the violence that erupted on 25th July 2005 were reactionary at best. They reinstated the suspended employees, increased the Diwali Bonus, invited families to visit the facilities and increased the amount covered during hospitalization. These were some of the demands that were laid out by the Union, which have come to as the problem solvers in case of any disagreement between the Management and the workers. As the company looks forward to a new phase of growth with a higher installed capacity, the onus is on the management to identify ways to ensure a harmonious working environment for the all concerned to achieve the goals set by the Honda Motors Corporation Limited.

Proactive Measures:
In light of some of the discontent expressed by the workers, some glaring issues seem to have surfaced. Some of the measures the HMSI can adopt to ensure that such issues are resolved once and for all are as follows:

1. Continuity of Learning:
With the aggressive expansion plans afoot, it has become essential that the HMSI must take the workforce into confidence and educate them into the importance of the steps taken by the management and the workers contribution to realize these steps. The workers need to be inculcated with quality management principles that are to ensure sustainable growth in this period of expansion. Programs need to be developed to train workers to adjust to the new capacity and...
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