Hospitality Management

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Critically Evaluate Some Theories on Hospitality Management


The hospitality industry came into being with the appearance of the tourism and business activities. In Europe, it is said that the earliest hotel which provide the food and bed first appeared in Ancient Rome Period. Then, the hospitality industry experienced the ancient inn period, the grand hotel period and the commercial hotel period. After world war II, with the fast development of the economy and the vigorous development of the tourism industry, the market demand for the hotel becomes more and more powerful. Then it comes to the new type of hotel period during which the hotel industry becomes an independent industry and the scale is larger and larger. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the business and the perfection of the transportation, people can access to tourism much easier than before, and the tourism is no more a noble man's privilege, more and more people can access to it (Sanjeev, G. M. 2012). So, in such a situation, the hospitality industry has a promising development prospect. The relevant theories that associated with the hospitality industry are abundant. However, when putting the theories into practice, such problems emerge as the customer can not be satisfied by the services and so on. In this perspective, the theories must be justified to the actual situation. This essay will illustrate two cases about the hospitality industry in the UK, and the two cases are associated with the customers. Following this, this essay will explain the related theories that dealing with such problems appearing in the two cases, and the strengthens and weaknesses of the related theories. Finally, it will look at how the theories affect the handling of the two cases and the ways the hospitality industry should apply to to deal with such problems.

The Case in the Facility Department in Hospitality Industry

After researching related books and articles, two cases about the hospitality industry will be proposed in this part. The first case is as following. A Mr. Smith is going to give her wife a surprise by holding her birthday in a hotel. Mr. Smith first makes a reservation with the hotel on Tuesday. The receptionist says there is a room available on the following Sunday which is Mrs. Smith's birthday. As Mr. Smith wants to make a surprise to his wife, he asks wether the hotel can offer the stereo equipment to help add more festivity to that special day. However, the hotel staff says that the equipment in their hotel is not in good condition, and they are not sure about wether the stereo equipment functions well. Mr. Smith says he can offers more for the charge of the stereo equipment just to make sure that his wife can enjoy the atmosphere he designs for her. After the hotel staff asks the manager of the hotel facility, he is told the equipment is no longer in use anymore. So he has to inform Mr. Smith about this bad news. As Mr. Smith do not want to ruin the birthday of his wife, so he makes a concession by bring the stereo equipment himself. Besides, Mr. Smith want the hotel to decorate the room he has reserved to give his wife a big surprise. However the staff in the hotel says they can only make a bundle of roses for them and can do no more. While, Mr. Smith expects the hotel can decorate the room by placing a chandelier and a candle dinner can be enjoyed after the turning off of the chandelier. He also expects the hotel can light the fireplace that day, so when his wife enters, she can feel warm and comfortable and feels just like home. After Mr. Smith tells the hotel staff about his requirement, the hotel staff tells him that the hotel can not offer a chandelier because there is no such a thing in the hotel facility, besides, the fireplace has not been lighted for a long time, and the hotel can not make sure the fireplace will function well. At this moment, Mr. Smith can not bear anymore and he does not want to make a concession...
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