how executive use an information system

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BABUSIN :Business Information Systems


How Executives use an Information System

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Jefferson A. Costales, MIT, IBM-CDA, MCTS, ZCE, OCE

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Group No. 1
Aguilar, Jr. Carlos T. - Leader
Amable, Meriam M.
Antazo, Eralyn Mae M.
Bagtas, Lou Monica A.
Balingit, Catherine A.


BSBM / 3/B


December 15, 2014
Hands-On Guide:

1. Identify the most important facts surrounding the case.

2. Identify the key issue or issues.

3. Specify alternative courses of action.

4. Evaluate each course of action.

5. Recommend the best course of action.

Case Study # 2
How Executives Use an Information System

1. List five items of information obtained by the executives of Diverse Industries with their EIS. How does the nature of this information relate to their managerial responsibility?

Summary of corporate profit performance for the last five years. Forecast of downturn in profitability

2. What attributes of information quality can you identify in the information provided by the EIS in the case?

Timeliness – informations are available when needed. The needed reports are obtained during an excutive committee meeting of a corporation. During the meeting the reports may indeed produced from corporate database. Precision – there is a degree of exactness. The management projection for the 1997 year-end shows $73.5 million profit, compared to the budget of $78.! Million. As you can see numerical datas were presented with numerical factors. Relevance – the information they get from the EIS is relevant that they were able to determine the cause of the problem. Appropriateness of form – the level of detail, tabular versus graphic display and quantitative versus qualitative form are selected in accordance with the situation. The series of reports were presented in graphical and tabular form which obtained during the executive...
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