How Filipino Teenagers Would Most Likely Deal with Unwanted Pregnancy

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: August 13, 2011
The most common consequence of teenagers’ sexual unawareness of what is right and what is wrong is unwanted pregnancy. Upon watching the film Juno, despite my knowledge of this phenomenon, I have been motivated to relate what I had watched to the reality in the Philippine society of how Filipino teenagers would most likely deal with the said situation. Before pointing out similarities and differences, I want to start first from the reasons why Filipino teenagers engage in premarital sex that results to pregnancy. Oftentimes, it is mainly influenced by conflicts revolving inside the family. As reflected on the film wherein Juno’s father and mother are divorced and she’s with her stepmother, I’m not saying that that was what had driven Juno to do what she had done, but I just want to relate that in the Filipino reality, it is often that certain deficiencies from the family like broken and unstable families etc. have a great influence for this teenage behavior. Now, how would a Filipino teenager deal with unwanted pregnancy?

Teenagers won’t assume that their sexual affairs won’t bear a horrible consequence of pregnancy so they do not dare of taking pregnancy tests especially for the girls. Unlike Juno who had taken several pregnancy tests, Filipino teenage ladies would not even attempt to ensure if she doesn’t really have been prone to pregnancy.

However, these incorrect assumptions will not last long. When symptoms like vomiting, nausea, altered menstrual activity and others will appear, a troubled and confused mind of these individuals will reign and the feeling of depression will also follow. They will also resort to what the film had depicted such as suicidal attempt and even abortion. Yet, as like Juno never intended to commit suicide, Filipino teens mostly abort their unborn babies as what is decided by the teenage couple.

But in cases wherein abortion is not being tolerated, the only remaining choice would be the revealing of the truth to...
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