Human Behavior in Organizations

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MGMT 5032.03
Human Behavior in Organizations
Spring 2013

Instructor:Alix Valenti, Ph.D.Phone:281-283-3159
Associate Professor of Management Fax:281-283-3951
and Legal StudiesE-Mail:[email protected]

Office:3321-16, Bayou Building
Class:1217, Bayou Building
Office Hrs:Tuesday and Wednesday, 1-4, and by appointment

Textbooks/Required Materials:

Behavior in Organizations, 10th ed. Jerald Greenberg. Pearson/Prentice Hall (2011). ISBN 0-13-609019-2 or 978-0-13-609019-9 See the last page of the syllabus for how you can purchase the text as an ebook.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. To develop an understanding of management functions and principles 2. To develop an understanding of basic behavioral theory and its application to contemporary organizations 3. To illustrate an understanding of basic behavioral techniques and their use in the world of management 4. To develop the conceptual and analytical frameworks necessary to become a diagnostician of organizational systems, structures, and processes 5. To demonstrate critical thinking skills through analysis of a case study to management and organizational behavior 6. To illustrate managerial and professional abilities through application of concepts and theories by active participation in class discussions, cases, and exercises 7. To demonstrate awareness of personal traits, needs, styles, and preferences through the use of assessment instruments and methods resulting in a personal portfolio 8. To apply team based skills through the use of peer assessment and feedback

Instructional Methodology

The course is broking into four areas, planning, directing, organizing and controlling, the four main functions of managers. Under each area, students will be asked to engage in various activities within and across course modules, which are the rational groupings (i.e., sections) of course content. Generally speaking, students will have the opportunity to learn both as individuals as well as a member of a team. Students will be asked to act both independently as well as collectively.

Case Studies

During the first class teams will be formed and posted under the Groups link under the Course Menu. Cases will come from various sources based on real life situations and companies. The table at the end of the syllabus will contain a listing of each case and the day that case will be discussed. Students are encouraged to think of the aspects of the cases that may be relevant to the module, and teams will be graded on their creativity and resourcefulness in linking the course material to the case study. Each week one or more teams will lead the discussion of the case. However, it is expected that all students will have read the case and participate in the class discussion

The presentations and postings are due on the class date according to the table at the end of this Syllabus. The case studies are worth 20% of the student’s overall grade.

Final Team Project

In addition to the case studies, each team will make a 10-minute presentation on a topic related to the material covered during the semester. Suggested topics will be provided by the instructor, and student teams must select their topic by February 6, 2013. The final presentations will be made on May 1, 2013, and is worth 10% of the student’s overall grade.

Personal Portfolio

Each student working individually will complete his or her Personal Portfolio which consists of several self-assessments and reflections on the results of each assessment, followed by an action plan. The portfolio can be accessed through the Portfolio link under the Course Menu. The Personal Portfolio is due on May 1, 2013. The Personal Portfolio is worth 10% of the student’s overall grade

Weekly Quizzes

In addition, students will take a weekly quiz which will...
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