Human Resource Management-Case Studies on Nike: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot; Florida Company Fastens Its Sights on Global Growth; Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Topics: Employment, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: March 5, 2010
AbstractThe main purpose of this report is to analyze the three case studies beginning with Florida Company Fastens Its Sights on Global Growth on pages 43-44 where we will evaluate elements that impact growth strategies. Next we will discuss Nike: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot on pages 284-285, here we will identify possible Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws or industry standard employment practices that may be in violation concerning this case study. The last is about Pay Decisions at Performance Sports on page 430 of Managing Human Resources.

Florida Company Fastens Its Sights on Global GrowthThe introduction of advanced technology in production processes entails the recruitment of skilled employees who can meet the technological challenges imposed by the new techniques to hold the company in good stead in the competitive environment. If skilled employees are hired, the stage is set for the company to further equip these employees with better competencies to meet the company objectives for consistent growth. The Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have to be used in the right context by using the most appropriate HRM technologies, because employers can enhance production and reduce costs by using these strategies. Since HRM affects all employees, such strategies carry lot of potential in reducing administrative costs, speeding response time and in the improvement of customer service and decision-making. Since the given strategies entail change, appropriate change management strategy has to be implemented by the company.

In order to maintain cordial relationship with its employees, in addition to the constant training of employees the firm needs to manage its human capital through HR interventions. Especially in a competitive environment as in the medical equipment area there is a strong need for a company such as that of Bryan Kilbey, to build upon its human capital. The company has consistently adopted a practice of retaining its...

References: ohlander, G., & Snell, S. (2007). Managing Human Resources (14th ed.). Manson, OH:South-Western.
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