Hyper Reality in Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke

Topics: Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: May 3, 2013
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Hyper reality is a condition where a person is not able to distinguish between the real and the unreal or imagined. Another way to describe hyper reality is as an enhanced reality. Hyper reality refers to an imitation of something that never actually existed, or an image that is more real than the thing it’s supposed to represent. Hayao Miyazaki anime films "Spirited away" and "Princess Mononoke" both use hyper reality, the two films present hyperrealism in different situations.

Spirited Away is about the journey to the land of spirits of a ten year old girl named Chihiro. Chihiro and her parents are driving to their new home in a strange town. Her dad takes a shortcut through the woods and ends up in front of a long dark tunnel. Her parents decide to see what the tunnel leads to no matter how hard she tried to stop them. On the other side, they find a "theme park" and a food court filled with cooked food sitting out. Her parents start to eat it, but she senses danger and refuses to eat. As the night falls, she is terrified to see the area filled with spirits. She runs to her parents and discover that they have been turned into pigs. A mysterious boy named Haiku finds her and helps her to hide from the spirits. The area turns into a hot bath house for the gods and spirits to replenish themselves. Haiku helps her to find a job in the bath house in order for her to stay and finds a way to save her parents. One day as Chihiro is returning to the bath house from meeting up with Haiku she sees a strange spirit named "No face" , later that night as Chihiro is dumping a bucket of water out she sees no face again; Chihiro leaves the door open for no face to enter the bath house. While no face wonders the bath house he helps Chihiro through task that are difficult for her. Spirited away presents the use of hyper realism as the only chance of survival. With the help of spirits Chihiro completes her job at...
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