Identify and Give Examples of Three Techniques You Would Use to Explore Romeo's Story. Your Examples Should Be Worded as If You Are Actually Speaking to the Client.

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Unit 6 Project

Case Study 1: Sally

Sally is a 34-year-old single Caucasian woman who comes to you seeking assistance for what she calls her “food problem.” Sally states that she loves food and finds it one of the only sources of comfort and pleasure in her life. Sally is wearing a tank top and matching shorts. Her outfit is clean and fashionably in style; however, the clothing appears to be too small for Sally’s obese body. Sally is sweating a great deal and she is breathless after the short walk from the parking lot into the office.

During the interview, Sally discloses that she was diagnosed with depression and was prescribed medication, but she has not been taking it like she should. She clutches the pillows on the couch to her body throughout the interview and pulls tissues out of a nearby box to wipe sweat from her face.

Case Analysis:

Identify and give examples of three techniques you would use to explore Sally's story. Your examples should be worded as if you are actually speaking to the client.

What goals would you want to identify for Sally, based on the information available? Explain why you chose those goals and how you think they will help meet the client's needs.

Case Study 2: Romeo

Romeo is a 19-year-old Hispanic male. He has numerous visible tattoos, piercings, and puckered scars. Romeo discloses that he attempted suicide twice during high school and has lately has been feeling like he might try again. The last two times he tried, he bought some prescription drugs off of a local dealer in his neighborhood.

Romeo has no job, is not in school, and is not close with his family. He is homeless and rotates between different friends’ couches and the occasional shelter. Romeo admits to gang involvement in the past but refuses to answer questions about possible current involvement. Romeo states he currently uses marijuana daily to try to “stay calm.”

Case Analysis:

Identify and give examples of three techniques you...
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