Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate

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Identify different reasons why people communicate
Communication is needed to build relationships, we are building a new relationship even by just saying hello. To maintain this relationship we greet a carer when they come into the setting, by asking how they are? What have they done over the weekend? This help strengthen the relationship by doing this we can gain and share information with families, other professionals, children and colleagues this information we gain and share will help us in the way we work. Sometimes communication can be about gaining reassurance and acknowledgement we may praise the children, give them physical reassurance or acknowledgement by eye contact or taking an interest in what they are doing. My colleagues also give reassurance and acknowledgment to me. We also have the need to express our needs and feelings and allow children to do the same. If the children are not given the opportunities to express themselves they can become frustrated and isolated. Communication is also needed to share ideas and thoughts with each other.

·Give information
give parents/committee/staff information about the playgroup – upcoming projects, activities,trips fundraisers, meetings, accidents and feedback. Relaying information about a child to his/her parent/carer or to members of staff ·Make a point

Make a point to a parent/carer of any concerns with regard to the child ·Outline a concern
A parent or member of staff may have a concern about a child that needs discussing, recently at bumblebees a parent had come to staff with a concern over her child as the parents were going through a separation, this was having an impact on the childs behaviour and emotions. through this communication we were able to better handle the situation and work with the parent to help the child through a difficult and emotional time. ·Express a need

Throughout the day the children express their needs to us, they ask to go to the toilet they may need help with...
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