Impact of Internet

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The impact of the internet
This paper tends to perform a critical analysis about the impact of the Internet to our society. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet and its social implications. Moreover, this paper will discuss the current stability of the internet in our society with respect to education, business, politics, and society. Moreover, Internet crimes such as Fraud achieved by the manipulation of computer records, Spamming where this is outlawed completely or where regulations controlling it are violated, Deliberate circumvention of computer security systems, Unauthorised access to or modification of programs (hacking) and data, Industrial espionage by means of access to or theft of computer materials, Identity theft where this is accomplished by use of fraudulent computer transactions, Writing or spreading computer viruses or worms, Salami slicing is the practice of stealing money repeatedly in extremely small quantities and pornography will be discussed. A recurrent theme across domains is that the Internet tends to complement rather than displace existing media and patterns of behavior. Thus in each domain, utopian claims and dystopic warnings based on extrapolations from technical possibilities have given way to more announced and circumscribed understandings of how Internet use adapts to existing patterns, permits certain innovations, and reinforces particular kinds of change. Moreover, in each domain the ultimate social implications of this new technology depend on economic, legal, and policy decisions that are shaping the Internet as it becomes institutionalized. Impact of Internet

In the general sense, an internet (with a lowercase "i", a shortened form of the original inter-network) is a computer network that connects several networks. As a proper noun, the Internet is the publicly available internationally interconnected system of computers (plus the information and services they provide to their users) that uses the TCP/IP suite of packet switching communications protocols. Thus, the largest internet is called simply "the" Internet. The art of connecting networks in this way is called internetworking. This paper tends to perform a critical analysis about the impact of the Internet to our society. This paper will also tackle the positive and negative effects of the internet. In particular, the research will focus on the questions: “What are the related factors affecting the progress of modern society in relation to internet advantages and disadvantages?” In this study, the background, context and theme of the study are presented; the objectives of the study and the research statements are formulated. Here, vital concepts, questions and assumptions are stated. Finally, the scope and limitation of the study, methodology to be used and the significance of the research are discussed. Further, this paper briefly reviews related literature. Purpose of the Study

Generally, the purpose of the study is to conduct a critical analysis to determine the impact of the Internet. The research will specifically identify the different factors related to positive and negative effect of the internet. Moreover, this study would review relevant literature on the same topic. Based on the preliminary review of literature, the researcher assumed that the Internet has a significant effect/ impact to our society. Research Question and Null Hypothesis

The focus of this problem statement is to establish and determine the impact of the internet to our community. Currently, there are limited studies that provide a definitive answer regarding the negative and positive influence of the internet. The researcher is hopeful that this study will yield a significant result in terms of both positive and negative impact of respect to our modern community. Thus, the study will work on the following hypothesis: “There is a significant relationship between the progress of Internet and modern society”...
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