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Management Process & Organization .................... Page 1 of 3 ............................................................................... IMT-01 Subject Code: IMT-01
a. Write answers in your own words as far as possible and refrain from copying from the text books/handouts. b. Answers of Ist Set (Part-A), IInd Set (Part-B), IIIrd Set (Part – C) and Set-IV (Case Study) must be sent together.

c. Mail the answer sheets alongwith the copy of assignments for evaluation & return. d. Only hand written assignments shall be accepted.
A. First Set of Assignments: 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. B. Second Set of Assignments: 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. C. Third Set of Assignments: 5 Questions, each question carries 1 marks. Confine your answers to 150 to 200 Words.

D. Forth Set of Assignments: Two Case Studies : 5 Marks. Each case study carries 2.5 marks. ASSIGNMENTS
1. F.W. Taylor is called the father of scientific management. Discuss his contribution and its importance in the current scenario.
2. Mention the characteristics of Distributive and Integrative bargaining. 3. Mention the advantages and limitations of bureaucracy.
4. List out the barriers to communication and how they can be overcome. 5. Creativity, though at times not tangible is an essential ingredient of organizational growth. Explain the creative problem solving process.

1. Distinguish between divisional and matrix organization.
2. MBO is a goal oriented process. Discuss five advantages and disadvantages of the MBO process and give two suggestions for improving its effectiveness.
3. List and explain the factors that contribute towards group cohesiveness. 4. The success of the organization as a whole depends upon the harmonial relations among all interdependent groups. Are there circumstances where a moderate degree of conflict is actually beneficial to the individuals and the...
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