India: Truely a Democratic Country???

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Madhu Koda Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: November 17, 2010
India is a democratic country. How do you feel when you say so?? Obviously proud, because it is said that India is the largest democratic country. But question is that whether this democracy is really intact for what India used be known of?? Not only I you or anybody, everybody believes that India is a democratic country. But it doesn’t sound realistic today, and it needs a discussion and a lot of cerebration. Whether democracy means merely a term or just a question to be asked in interviews and exams or just a topic to be covered in text books of children?? Does it really exists and has its great importance for elder’s i.e. voters? Today questions are raised on existence of term democracy in India? Does democracy means merely “ a representative selected BY the people, FOR the people and OF the people ”.And if so then this definition needs reconsideration again. And for moments just suppose this definition to be complete, even then this definition has its own contradiction. 1.) Who says these politicians are selected By the people?? No, they select themselves. In democracy people are the king maker, but now only kings are king maker. Better say it’s all the money game. Where do you see people coming in politics from weaker sections?? They just will, they desire, they wish and they dream, but it’s so dominated by today’s artificial lights that they can’t dare to come out of darkness. Voters also enjoy watching the political game but they are unaware of the poison that they are dissolving in their own lives and the danger they are creating for their own and country’s future... And what a real politician should bear in him is willingness of SERVICE. 2.) Of the people??

Actually they are of parties, who says of the people?
3.) FOR the people?
If someone says he must be kidding, actually they are FOR...
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