Individual Major Case Study Elkay PPD

Topics: Case study, Evaluation methods Pages: 4 (1463 words) Published: May 26, 2015
ACCT7107 Management Accounting and Control
Semester 1, 2015
Major Case Study

Elkay Plumbing Products Division
(Weight: 15% of Final Grade)

Due Date for submission: 5pm on Friday 8th May, 2015

Each student needs to individually complete the Elkay Plumbing Products Division case study and submit by the due date and time following the submission requirements outlined below. To access the case study you must follow the link provided in the Major Case Study item (under Assessment) in your course blackboard website. To assist you with this case study an additional reading, Time-Driven Activity Based Costing by Robert Kaplan will also be provided under this link. This is an extension of the earlier version of ABC that we have considered and provides you with background to the method used by Elkay. Students are also encouraged to read more broadly on the problems and issues in the case (e.g., on customer profitability).

The required format of the write-up is similar to the minor case study you have completed in the course already, though it has been expanded slightly. Your case write-up should address the following:

1. An Executive Summary.
Your executive summary must outline the problem and issues faced by the company and your proposed action plan. This is a summary or abstract of what you have identified as the problems and issues, the results of your analysis and the recommendations. This Executive Summary should be concise and not repeat all of the case study – just the critical points (that I – as your Executive can read to get an idea of what is to follow in your analysis etc).

2. Background of the company. This should include a brief overview of the salient points from the case that are relevant for your consideration of the company’s problems and issues. You should consider its strategy, products and processes, costing system(s), markets, competition etc and how these have changed over time. Do not reproduce the text of the case, you...
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