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Internship Report

A requirement of the Internship Program is the preparation of a final report. The purpose of the report is to demonstrate the skills and attitudes you acquired during your work period. A secondary goal is to introduce these skills and experiences to all students, not just those in the Internship Program.

In order to achieve these goals, we are offering three options to fulfill the final report requirements. You may choose any one of the three options.

Option 1 - preparation of a Technical Report.
Option 2 - preparation of a Case Study that can be used in a course. Option 3 - preparation and presentation of a Seminar on your internship experience.

Technical Report

The attached information provides an outline of the requirements and specifications for the Technical Report.

Case Study

An engineering case study is an account of an engineering activity, event or problem containing some of the background and complexities actually encountered by an engineer. The following link provides a good outline of what an engineering case study is and how to prepare one. Go to then follow the link “on writing engineering cases”.

The intent of the Case Study is to expose students to real world engineering situations and allow them to experience the challenges of practice. The goal is to introduce students to the complexities of practice in terms of the integration of technical and non-technical aspects of real world problem.


You will be required to give a presentation outlining your internship experience to students who are thinking about pursuing their own internship. Some key questions to address in the seminar are:

What skills and attitudes did you achieve through this internship and what evidence can you offer to demonstrate the achievement. How did your learning objectives change over the course of the internship How did the internship contribute to your...
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