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16 – Passenger Transport for Travel and Tourism
Working together – P3

Passenger transport networks are looked at by integrated transport authorities and local authorities. This means that transport is looked as a system with integrated parts than looking and planning for indivual components for bus, air and rail. Integrated Transport Authority or local authority for buses, coaches and other ways you can travel across. The national and local systems to make sure the needs of local passengers and the tourists are sorted which encourages the locals and tourists to use public transport and this could be more of an experience for the tourists. Also the journey is less stressful instead of Cycling, walking and bus routes. Local authorities departments works with Tourist boards to provide information about transport links then the walking and cycling routes will link with bus networks. Joint ownership companies share the expertise and the funding to create a joint venture Example: Heathrow Express, was between BAA (Airport Operator) and the British railways board to provide rail transfer to Heathrow airport to Paddington in London. The journey time from there will be 15 minutes and they are running deals which are cheap to get more passengers using this. A new company was formed to manage the service for Heathrow Express Limited, a subsidiary of BAA. Agency agreements transport operator to make agreements with other travel and tourism organisations to promote and sell their products to make more money. These might be agreed with other transport companies, hotels, retail agencies and tour operators. Example is Shearing’s Holidays, A company that also owns coaches. The company includes ownership of 44 hotels throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The company offers commission to agents and other affiliates who sell their products. Commissions range is between 3 to 5 per cent. A further example is City Discovery, a provider of sightseeing tours and ground...
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