Is the Nation a Salad Bowl or Melting Pot

Topics: Melting pot, United States, Homelessness Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 4, 2013
In my opinion the nation is a melting pot. We are a melting pot because despite differences you cannot per say pick up one chunk of something without getting a whole lot of something else. No matter what we are all connected. If the nation were a salad you could pick up something without the involvement of another issue or people. Despite few issues that people are still fighting for equality, I would say over all we as a nation are fighting for this equality as a whole. For example gay marriage, if you were to look at the support of gay marriage from the non-homosexual individuals back than and compared it to know there is a much bigger push towards equal rights. In this nation we have individuals of many races and cultures, and each is more openly accepted. I think the nation does this in ways we don’t even realize, like simply eating a meal at a place of another culture. In a salad you could pick apart the things you don’t like, in America that is no longer true. Yes there are still forms of discrimination but more and more people will not tolerate it because we no longer live in a nation where its blacks vs. whites kind of ordeal, and as a nation we have a higher moral compass to do what is right. Despite differences in poverty, religion, and all together basic lifestyles, we are all still in this game of life working for a common thing. We all work and do what we need to survive; even homeless people are doing it in the way that they ask for money and food. They are trying to get by and survive. When I think of the nation in the past I see a salad bowl, but now I truly believe we have lived up to becoming a melting pot. Because the individuals choice of what a salad can consist of may lack diversity and that’s what the melting pot metaphor is about.
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