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Topics: Scientific method, Case study, Lactic acid Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: May 21, 2015
In the science Isa the materials we can take in is the Crn notes, our table we drew as well as the graph we drew.

Question 1)
Do your results agree with your hypothesis?

Yes our results do agree with the hypothesis because as soon as the weights were lifted the muscles began to fatigue very rapidly, an example of when this occurred is once the 1kg weight was lifted it took … amount of seconds to fatigue however as soon as the 5kg weight was lifted we saw the muscles fatigued extremely quickly as it took x amount of seconds to fatigue. This reflects that the harder your muscles work, the quicker they fatigue.

Question 2)
Were there any anomalous results?

No in our experiment we did not experience any anomalous results as our line of best fit matched our results and fitted the pattern and the direction of the line,

Question 3)
Why we repeated the experiment,
What did we do it with?

We repeated our experiment due to having more reliable results as well as being more accurate to see if there was to be any anomalous results. We could also be able to calculate a mean using the data we have collected as we had more results

The independent variable is the different types of masses
The dependant variable is how long it took the muscles to fatigue The control variable is the person, the arm and the rest time.

What was the range from, (Normally it refers back to the independent variable as the time will change over the course of the experiment)?

The range of masses we decided to use where 1kg to 5kg.

What were the intervals?

In this particular experiment the intervals we went up in was 1kg.

Were the intervals we went up in suitable or not?

The intervals we went up in where suitable due to the fact we went up in equal integers as well as having a pattern across the graph to symbolize the results.

Why may different groups get different results?

The groups may have got different results due to the different muscle...
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