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Assignment 2 Requirements Document

Why are you doing this assignment?

Successful completion of this assignment will provide you with the skills to meet the Learning Outcome as stated in Section 3, 3.1 (a, b, c, d and e) of the Unit Outline, which states:


3.1Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, you should be able to:

a) explain the roles of BIS and IT in organisations.

b) describe different types of BIS and IT, their benefits when used in businesses and other organisations, and what characteristics make them successful.

c) understand and provide definitions for basic terminology of the BIS field as used in businesses and other organisations.

d) identify and describe which kinds of BIS and IT would be helpful in a particular organisational situation.

e) appreciate and explain the fundamental activities, techniques, and tools used in developing and implementing BIS and IT in organisations.

In addition, this assignment, and the other assignment for BIS100, will help you develop the Graduate and Professional Skills of IT Literacy and Information Literacy as stated in Section 3.2 of the Unit Outline.

Assignment 2 requirements

In groups of 3, you will be allocated one case study from the following list of Group Projects from the BIS100 textbook:

• Case 9: Demonstrating How to Build Web Sites (page 511) • Case 14: Assessing a Wireless Future (page 516)
• Case 15: Evaluating the Next Generation (page 517)
• Case 17:Building a Decision Support System (page 520) • Case 20: Creating a Database Management Systems (page 522)

You tutor will allocate a case study to your group. Some case studies may be allocated to more than one group in your class.

The scenario for this assignment is that you and your group mates are consultants who have been engaged by an organisation to solve a specific problem or advise on a specific issue. Your task is to:

- identify the problem in the case study,
- tell your clients how you analysed the problem and what the results were, and - inform your clients of your recommendation/solution

Two deliverables are required for this assignment – a presentation and a report. The presentation is worth 10% and the report is worth 5%, for a total of 15% for Assignment 2.

The Presentation

Imagine that you are giving a presentation (using PowerPoint slides) on your task/findings/recommendations to the shareholders or board of the organisation that employed you and your group as consultants. The PowerPoint presentation should involve all group members. You tutor will set timeslots for group presentations according to the slots shown in the Unit Outline. Consider using lots of pictures/diagrams in your presentation. They’re more interesting than a whole bunch of words!

The presentation should be a maximum of 15 minutes, including question time. Please rehearse your presentation so that you keep within the time limit. Your tutor may have to stop you if you go over the time limit.

Save your presentation to your USB drive so you can access it from the instructors station in your tute classroom.

Refer to the attached Presentation Marking Guide for details on mark allocation for the presentation.

The Report

The report is a summary of your task/findings/recommendations which you hand to the shareholders or board at the conclusion of your presentation.

The report should be no more than 3 pages long, not including the cover page and any attachments and references, and should include an Executive Summary.

Please note that assignments without a reference list, using the Chicago Referencing System, will not be marked.

Refer to the attached Report Marking Guide for details on mark allocation for the report.

Submission requirements

a) No extensions will be given....
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