Itmg381 - Week 8 Assignment

Topics: Internet, European Union, Corporation Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: August 19, 2013
ITMG381 - Week 8

Fill in your name above, put your answer below each question, and then return this document for grading following the instructions in the syllabus. Please provide detailed answers to support all of the questions. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research, to support answers. The assignment must be 1-page in length with a minimum of 2 outside sources.

Chapter 14

A large American multinational corporation wants to establish a telephone and email hotline for employees to report wrongdoing within the company. The company has offices in the European Union and wants to ensure that it avoids violations of E.U. data protection laws. What steps can the company take to increase the likelihood that its hotline reporting system remains in compliance?

To start with, all parties should be brushed up on existing laws and regulations and the consequences of non-compliance. Far too often there are incidents in which ignorance is claimed but the ignorance seems to be intentional. In fact it would be a good idea to regularly review such laws for their company and in their state as well as any laws that are applicable with the countries they do business with. Though it is understandable and certainly possible to not be aware of every law pertaining to your business and its practices and this is why there are lawsuits sometimes, due to the fact that someone really didn’t know. In the case of something like Yahoo and the French court dealing with access to purchase Nazi paraphernalia, one would have to wonder if this didn’t “feel right” to begin with by making it acceptable. Having things like that accessible can only bring on more fuel for breeding hate although if something is not found in one place it can be found elsewhere.

If you hesitate with what you are giving access to or taking access from, you should not proceed. If there is going to be a perceived trust issue then this needs to be taken into consideration as well. It...
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