Jack Dorsey

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Jack Dorsey
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Creative Thinker Case Study
Creative Thinker Case Study
Case Study Creative Thinker
Creative thinkers are vital to an elite pallet of business initiatives that change the scope of how commerce is thought of and engaged globally. The creative process of thinking involves looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions (Business Dictionary, 2012). The purpose of creativity is to add value to a business, organization, or society for a thriving outcome. For this case study, Jack Dorsey is considered a subsequent innovative and creative up and coming leader behind the greatest American innovator of our time, Mr. Steve Jobs.   Jack Dorsey was named in 2008 by Technology Review as one of the top innovators in the world under the age of 35 and considered a source of wonderment in the business world (Technology Review, 2008). Widely known for his conception of Twitter and invention of the Square, Dorsey is recognized as changing communication in social, business, and financial arenas.   Twitter was created primarily to network online, build traffic to a company’s websites, promote brand forms from a personal or business aspect, and communicate in real-time (Tech Tips Salon, 2012).   The concept of Twitter started off as an extension of social media and this marketing tool has evolved into a powerful business model.   Mr. Dorsey creatively responded to the need to bring a tangible way for society to have access and communicate with entertainers, top level management, government officials, and various other entities that everyday people would not ordinarily have access to. Unlike Twitter, the creation of the square was a simple approach to receiving and making mobile payments. This innovation directly addresses limited ways for sellers and buyers to do business. The idea derived from an incident where an associate of Mr. Dorsey could not make an alternative payment from a...
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