Justification Report Part 2

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Employees Drinking Water Provision Justification Report

Percy A. Grisby II
ENG 315 Professional Communications
Professor Buchanan
February 6, 2015

Executive Summary
This researched justification report analyses the viability of implementation of provision of drinking water services and facilities in our highly esteemed company (PAG Holdings Limited). It examines the possible consideration of provision of bottled drinking water, drinking water fountains and installation of water dispensers. The method of analysis will include but not limited to making inquiries from companies providing bottled drinking water, water dispensers’ installation and drinking water fountains installation as well as research conducted over the internet to determine the drinking water safety standards, minerals available in drinking water and their effects on different employees based on their dietary restrictions. The results of research shows that the three examined options have their pros and cons independently with a range of delivery options, installation options, costs (installation, procurement, maintenance), employee acceptability and satisfaction ratings, safety and hygiene and convenience. However the report makes the finding that although the three alternatives have almost equal strengths the drinking water fountain is of preference by meeting the set criteria based on safety and hygiene, installation and maintenance costs, employees’ ratings and convenience. The recommendation of choosing alternative B, drinking water fountain installation has been made for provision of employees’ drinking water for PAG Holdings Limited. Employees Drinking Water Provision

Employees of PAG Holdings Limited have been suffering from thirst in silence. There is no supply of clean, safe and mineral containing water in the offices. The employees deserve to be provided with water to energize their bodies and avert dehydration cases (Wanjek, 2005). This will be very motivating to the employees and will be reflected in the quality of work delivered. The employees waste a lot of time in moving to acquire water for themselves from the canteen or sale outlets. Other employees have gone a step further in carrying water from home, which inconveniences them. I have had a case of one of the employees whose iPhone got spoilt after the water she was carrying in her handbag opened up spoiling everything in the bag including some office work papers.

This researched justification report makes a representation of the importance of providing drinking water to the employees. It also presents the most suitable means of providing water to the offices. The scope of the problem presented involves three means and choices of providing safe drinking water. The three are evaluated using the utilization of five criteria to make a decision, which is the best and unique for PAG Holdings Limited. The report makes no consideration of other available choices but it is a fact that they exist such as clean tap water. However, it focuses on the three preferable choices as suggested by the employees through a questionnaire. Research on the ground and over the Internet was carried out as well as employees’ personal views and this assisted in coming up with a final recommendation provided here to the employer (Smith, 2007).

Problem Statement
The 350 employees of PAG need to be provided with clean, safe and tasty drinking water at the workplace. PAG has also been bombarded with proposals by many drinking water and equipment provision companies. The employees are in arms and would like to get clean drinking water as soon as possible before, as they claim, succumb to thirst. The question is what to be considered by the company in making its choice of the most suitable means of drinking water provision with a tight budget, environmental sustainability, timing, safety and hygiene, installation and maintenance...

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