Justification Report Presentation

Topics: Fountain, Water, Implementation Pages: 11 (550 words) Published: April 9, 2015
Employees Drinking
Water Provision
Justification Report

Percy A. Grisby II

ENG 315 Professional Communications

Professor Buchanan

February 28, 2015


This researched justification report analyzes the viability of implementation of provision of drinking water services and facilities in the highly esteemed company (PAG Holdings Limited). It examines the possible consideration of provision of bottled drinking water, drinking water fountains and installation of water dispensers. The method of analysis will include but not limited to making inquiries from companies providing bottled drinking water, water dispensers’ installation and drinking water fountains installation as well as research conducted over the internet to determine the drinking water safety standards, minerals available in drinking water and their effects on different employees based on their dietary restrictions.

The results of research shows that the three examined options have their pros and cons independently with a range of delivery options, installation options, costs (installation, procurement, maintenance), employee acceptability and satisfaction ratings, safety and hygiene and convenience.

Introduction cont.…
Frontier limited has been experiencing high
rates of employee turnover
 The justification report presents the need to
find the most suitable solution
 It presents problem scope, two alternatives,
evaluation of the alternatives
 Evaluation of alternatives is based on five
 The report focusses on only tow possible

Problem statement
The company has been having a problem of
high employee turnover rate
 There has not been any lasting solution to
the problem
 Several proposals have been presented to
the management
 Choosing the best alternative is a challenge

Overview of alternatives
Alternative 1-Effective recruitment
 Implementation of proper recruitment
strategies which prevents absorption of
unreliable and incompetent employees
 Alternative 2-Compensation and
 Providing employees with competitive
benefits and wages for employees to be
satisfied and feel comfortable

Cost-How much it will cost to implement
 Time to implement-How long will it take to
implement changes?
 Efficiency-How efficient is the proposed
 Practicality-How practical is it to implement
the alternative?
 Durability-How long will this alternative last
as a solution to the problem?

Evaluation of alternatives

Cost-Alternative 1 would not require financial
investment while alternative 2 requires some
financial investment.
Time to implement-Alternative 1 requires
little time to be implemented while
alternative 2 would take a long period of time
Efficiency-Alternative 1 is easy to implement
and results are seen in a short period.
Alternative 2 is not that efficient as it long
before results re seen.

Evaluation of alternatives
Practicability-Alternative 1 is practical since
it can be easily implemented. Alternative 2
is not practical as it requires lot of
 Durability-Alternative 1 provides a lasting
solution. Alternative 2 does not provide a
lasting solution.

Findings and Analysis
Both alternatives can be used to reduce high
employee turnover rates
 Alternative 1 is more affordable compared to
alternative 2
 Alternative 1 requires a short period to be
implemented unlike alternative 2
 Alternative 1 is relatively more efficient compared to
alternative 2
 It is more practical to use alternative 1 compared to
alternative 2
 Alternative 1 provides a lasting solution to the
problem unlike alternative 2

The recommended alternative is alternative
 It requires no cost to implement
 It takes a short period for it to be
 It is efficient
 It is practicable
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