Kay Sunderland

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Kay Sunderland: Making the Grade at Attain Learning
Q1. Describe Sunderland’s management and work style. What are her sources of power? Sunderland’s management style can be defined as formal, and efficient, always setting expectations at the outset of a project, tough but fair. She has a great strategic mind-set and provides insightful critiques and suggestions. Sunderland is not afraid to speak her mind and she pushed to develop the best product for the clients. On the other hand she is somewhat inflexible and can be overly demanding at times. Sunderland can be a bit of a control freak and she is quite single-minded in delivering everything the client asks for. Sources of Power for Kay Sunderland:

1. Discretionary control over resources important to others: she is the only one in the team who talks to clients 2. Derives power from respect that she gets from co-workers. They respect her because of her experience and work ethics 3. She is at a high hierarchical position (Account Director for Attain Learning) and is also close to Chama so she has formal authority over other Q2. Describe Morgan’s management and work style. What are his sources of power? Mike Morgan likes to work in a relaxed entrepreneurial environment where everyone gets a word to say. He dislikes working in bureaucratic setting of a large company. He likes to lead his own team and likes a workplace where his creative side is valued. Morgan often tries to strike a balance between competing interests and priorities. His style is more relaxed and he is more open-minded. Mike’s management style is that of a supporter and a partner. Sources of power for Mike Morgan:

1. Derives relational power from the loyalty of his subordinates. He keeps the morale of the team high and always supports them whenever the Higher Management if critical of their work 2. He handles key resources and is the only Content Development Director in the company 3. He is very creative and competent in the work he does. When...
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