Law of Case Studies

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Work Psychology in Communication, Writing and Reporting

COM 2153

Mr Haji Adenan

Case Studies

An Unmotivated Building Inspector
Case Study

By: Zulfatah Arif
1) Review the motivation theories discussed in this chapter. How would each one describe and explain the problems with Simon Lucas’s motivation? The theories that would be relevant to the problems with Simon Lucas’ motivation would be the McClelland’s Need Theory and Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory. For McClelland’s Need Theory, it is divided into three segments which is the need for achievement, the need for power, and the need for affiliation. When referring to the need for achievement, Simon Lucas’s lacks all necessary characteristics. He lacks the hunger for goals, the negative feedbacks that he received don’t bother him, and he doesn’t mind or at least he hasn’t do anything when external events or other people interfere with his process. Examples of these situations are when he wasn’t consistent in approving proposals from small alterations to buildings. These kinds of jobs does not require that much of a skill but because of not having enough motivation, Simon doesn’t do well. He lacks the need in achieving excellence due to not having enough qualifications which is deemed necessary in order to do proper building inspecting work. Other reasons include that he had ‘come up the hard way’. Besides that, he also lacks the need for power or in this case, the need for promotion because he feels his little working experience and his recent performance won’t go well in achieving the criteria of promotion. Simon’s need for affiliation with other colleagues or in other words, the need to bond with other workmates are also at halt because of the others having worked among themselves for several years and of course, having the same level of qualifications among themselves. Now, it gets harder because they felt Simon’s poor performance would be chain reacted to them. In terms of Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory on the other hand, the motivation factors are most relevant to Simon’s situation. According to Herzberg, job satisfaction is produced by building motivation factors into a job which in my opinion, what Simon lacks. Herzberg furthermore added that the absence of these factors does not lead to dissatisfaction but rather it leads to the lack of satisfaction. This explains why Simon doesn’t perform well on his job. Examples to support this proof are when Simon was prevented from getting a job in a different area of the country where he would much prefer. Finally, he doesn’t perform well in his job because the job isn’t his passion. What he really loves doing is outdoor sports. Especially long distance walking. Thus, when he’s asked to work in an office, he doesn’t perform.

2) To what extent does each theory provide guidance to Katherine Walker about what she should do? What actions would they recommend? Like what had been explained before, each theory is relevant to Katherine Walker on what she should do. For example, when looking at the need for achievement, Simon lacks goals and how to improve this is simple. Katherine should observe Simon more intensely and give feedbacks that would uplift his spirit. As a manager, what is most important in workplace is equality. This correlates back to the theory of need for affiliation. Katherine should advice all workers to respect each other regardless of qualifications or performances but instead each one of them should work together and help each other for the company’s sake. She knows that Simon is an outgoing or outdoor person. So because of this, she could have at least try to give him trips to further sites that would require long distance of walking. The theories could also give her ideas on rewarding Simon of holiday trips or adventure trips if he performs well.

3) Apply concepts from the job redesign literature to Simon’s job. Do they explain why he is not motivated? Job...
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