Laws-420 Week 4 Case Study

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Case Study

Case 10.1 – Question 4
I think loyalty to a company means that you would try and do everything you can for that company, and stay true to it and its employees, and not leave for personal gain “Loyalty implies sticking with someone or something even if it goes against your own self-interest. Especially in business, loyalty carries the expectation that you will be rewarded for this allegiance” (Korkki, 2011). I think employees owe loyalty to their employers when the employers give them the opportunity to do something great for the company, like doing a big project for them and not leaving and taking that information to another company. I think they owe loyalty to their co-workers when they were involved in something important and gave the employers great insights to whatever they did for the company.

Case 10.2 – Question 1
– I think that Storms and Ahearn do in-fact quality as whistleblowers, because they were recognizing illegal things in both of their military branches, and reported it so that these things can be identified as being illegal. I personally believe their motives were to do the right thing by not ignoring the illegal things their military branches were going. However, whistleblowers often do not have motives for whistleblowing “Human beings are complex creatures; whistleblowers themselves often are unclear about their motives. As long as one of the motives is to serve the public interest, and the allegation merits such concern, blowing the whistle is justified and commendable” (Harm, 2005).  
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