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Worksheet for Problem One: Leadership Styles|
Relevant part of the Case Study:
Manama Logistics Company (MLC) has hired you to supervise the company’s move from downtown Manama to Isa Town. It is expected that there will be some discontentment amongst staff (as listed in the case study) It is important that you understand the different types of leadership styles, and decide what would be the best styles for you to use in the situations outlined in the case study. It is important to remember that different styles are necessary for different situations. Leadership issues are often influenced by behaviour patterns. People (supervisors and workers) generally display behaviours that are aggressive, passive or assertive. Research these three behaviours so you understand the traits of each and can describe how they relate to supervision and leadership issues. In your report to the Board describe the leadership styles you have chosen and give justification for them. You will need to identify more than one style, and give examples of when each is appropriate to use. There are four main leadership styles, and several other recognised styles. Check with your tutor if you are not sure if you have identified the main styles. You need to identify these four main styles and one other relevant leadership method, so you have a deeper understanding of leadership behaviours in various situations, and identify what is effective and what is not and why. Use APA referencing and in-text referencing throughout your Progress Report. For your first Progress Report:

1. PART A – as a group
Describe the following behaviours:
a. Aggressive
b. Passive
c. Assertive
Give examples of how people display these behaviours – include words, attitudes and non verbal body language. Identify and research the four main leadership styles
* describe what each style is.
* explain generaly what type of situation it is appropriate to use them * describe the...
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