Lesson 7 Case Studies

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Lesson 7 Case Studies
Milan Shrestha
International American University
MGT 500 : Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Sushil Pant
October 21, 2014

Chapter 13
Leading Effective Teams
The given case is about leading team with effectiveness. The case relates to Soda Can Company where I am working as an Executive Director for the company. Soda Can Company is planning to open a new store and I have to put together a strong team quickly to cover up and perform the task quickly. I have to choose the best group members so that the task is performed well and achieve the desired objectives in time. So I have chosen Jim Beam as the store manager, Julie Stevens as a production specialists and recruiting internal employees. Thus, it is my responsibility to increase their readiness level. Hence I as an executive director had to form an effective team with high performance level forming better teamwork to achieve objectives in the right time. Review/Analysis of the Case

Analysis of Findings
The case is related to Soda Can Company which is going to open its new store in a very short period. And I as an executive director of stores had to put together a strong team to perform effectively. I managed to form a team including Jim Beam, Julie Stevens and also recruiting internal employees. But during the task performance as a group, everyone is dissatisfied with the performance of Jim Beam. Numerous complaining and comments is made against Jim’s behavior and his performance. So I am confused if I should give them time to understand each other or should I take some actions towards Jim. Question 1: Response to Elizabeth

My response to Elizabeth will be that the team which I had build up is performing well meeting the company expectations. The team is performing as per the company needs with high performance readiness level and also showing a high team effort. The track record of sales and revenue is highly improved which had been possible with the team effort. I will respond to Elizabeth saying that while team work there had been some issues, obstacles due to shared values in between the teams which arise due to incomplete information and communication. So I will try to build a strong communication and coordination among the team members so that there is the sharing of information and problems arise can be solved within themselves. Question 2: Explaining Jim’s early leadership style

Jim Beam is appointed to be the store Manager for the new store of Soda Can Company. I have chosen Jim based on his experience and track record with competitors. To Eilzabeth, I will say that at first when Jim was hired I noticed a little more of him as he was full to himself which was more than self-confidence but I thought it would help to the performance of the team. Later on when the store was opened and analyzing the performance statistics of the team, I came to know a lot of complaints, comments, issues over the behavior and performance of Jim from Julie and other employees. Jim’s early leadership style can be related to delegating style. I will share to Elizabeth that Jim was trying to exaggerate his powers by bullying other staffs, also making other staffs feel low by making personal statements. In my view, Jim’s leadership style should have been specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time related.

Question 3: Tracking closely with the team
A team has been established to perform well in order to achieve the high sales revenue of Soda Can Company. So to maintain the high performance readiness level of the team members as well as the individuals involved in the goal attainment, both should be tracked closely. Organizations are faced with the incredible pressure of surviving in a competitive environment. Since the use of teamwork is one of the most consistent strategies for improving performance. So tracking their performance, analyzing their effectiveness...
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