Life Skills for Personality Development

Topics: Psychology, Interpersonal relationship, Personal life Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: April 22, 2013
 What are skills?
 What is the difference between a skilled and unskilled person?  Why is it necessary to have skills?  How does one acquire skills?  Why should the skills be enhanced?

What are Skills?
 Skills are the learned capacity which helps us to do a task effectively. Skills are abilities to use know-how to complete tasks. Skills are acquired through practice and patience A skilled person uses less time, energy and resources to do a job and produces quality results Skills are gained through school/college, work experiences, hobbies, books, elders, peers etc Skills can be improved if we could identify, analyze and practice them.

What are Life Skills?
Life Skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life (WHO) Adaptive means that a person should have the flexibility to adjust according to the situation. For positive behavior, a person needs to have positive thinking and look at opportunities even in difficult situations, in order to cope with the situation.


10 Core Life Skills (WHO)
 Self Awareness  Effective Communication  Critical thinking  Decision Making  Coping with emotion  Empathy  Interpersonal Relationship  Creative thinking  Problem Solving  Coping with stress

•The ability to introspect, analyze and accept one’s thoughts actions and feelings; recognizing and acknowledging one’s needs and desires. •Ability to know our self: Our Character, desires, likes, dislikes and our strengths and weaknesses. •Developing self-awareness can help us to recognize when we are stressed or feel under pressure. It is also often a prerequisite for effective communication and interpersonal relations, as well as for developing empathy for others.

 Empathy is the ability to accept and understand others who are different from you.  Empathy encourages a positive behaviour towards people in need of...
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