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Case Study Analysis Paper
Teresa Thurman
December 8, 2013
Kaila Frieson
Case Study Analysis paper
Introductory Paragraph
This study is about what is entailed in the hiring process and how the recruiter handles every aspect of the process. Carl was the hiring Manager for ABC, Inc. He hired 15 new employees For Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. In this study they recruiter did not follow through with things in a timely fashion, because of been new to the hiring process, and not having an orientation to show him how to go through the process of hiring employees. Background

The responsibilities of a hiring recruiter are tedious and very demanding. Even though they do the hiring all the time; they still need to make sure they hire the right amount of employees. They also want to make sure everything is in order for the training, such as the room, equipment and whatever paper work and all testing needed for orientation is completed in the allotted time frame. Carl was the new recruiter he was chose to hire the 15 employees. He was very excited for the opportunity but he did no know everything that was required to complete the hiring process. This was a big task and it was overwhelming for him once he started the process and looks deep into it. Key Problems

The problem that occurred was that Carl the recruiter who hired 15 new employees in April and gave them all the paper worker and information needed for drug test, transcripts to be completed before training on June 15 was not done. He checked on the request in May after Memorial Day and found out thing were still needed to complete before the new hires could start orientation. He then searched the orientation manuals and found only three copies with several pages missing from each. So he needed more manuals for training. The next problem was the training room was doubled booked for seminars for the same time. Also drug screens were not completed and some of the...

References: University of Phoenix Material
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