M1 unit 2 health and social care level 3

Topics: Care of residents, Nursing home, Healthcare Pages: 6 (2858 words) Published: January 28, 2015
M1 -Describe how practitioners should apply values of care in health or social care service In this task I will describe how practitioners should apply values of care within a health or social care service. Care values are standards that should be met within a health and social care setting; they are designed to improve the quality of care which is given to people. Promoting care values within a care setting.

The care values which are applied in a health care setting consist of; maintaining confidentiality, this means not sharing an individual’s personal information with another person. Also, it’s important to protect the personal information of a client by keeping it between you and the client. This care value occurs in a care home setting when; the Care worker has to maintain confidentiality when looking at personal files of the service users, by not leaving it on the computer because someone can walk past and check It. it’s important for them not to share information that is personal with an unauthorised person. This is because it will breach the law; which is the Legislation of the Data Protection Act 1998; if this occurs then consequences will occur. Promoting equality and diversity; equality is when you ensure individuals or those of a group are treated with respect and equally, meeting their needs such as the type of food they eat or if they practice their religion. Hence promoting equality and diversity means accepting a person even if they have differences such as Religion, gender, disability, age and belief etc., it’s important to accept it. For example, within a doctor’s surgery, it’s important the doctordoes not disrespect a patient because of who they are and where they are from. Promoting equality removes discrimination. Diversity is when you value and respect an individual’s differences by accepting them as who they are. This is important because it allows care workers, doctors, nurses and many other practitioners of health care respect a patient/client regardless of their background and meeting their requirements. Promoting individuals rights and beliefs; promoting means making others attentive of what is said. The right of an individual is accepting them as who they are, regardless if they follow a different religion from you and practice differently from you. In a health and social care setting respectingan individual’s rights are important because there are people from different walks of life they may be from a different part of the world with a different race.For example; if you work with a colleague who is from a different background from yours it’s important they are respected as who they are and accepting they are different from you and practice differently from you. Hence, within a health care setting; practitioners such as physiotherapists should respect the rights of their client, because if they don’t they would have breached the rights of an individual, there will be consequences, the practitioner will face consequences, it is unjust to take another individuals rights. Maintaining confidentiality; confidentiality is the protection of information that is personal. Maintaining confidentiality means keeping clients information between you and the client and not telling others such as other colleagues, friends or family. For example in a doctor’s surgery, it’s important for the doctor to keep the clients information such as files locked and secured on the computer by using a password. This is because; it is personal information of an individual that another individual shouldn’t look at. It’s important for the doctor to keep the clients medical details are not discussed with others unless the client themselves give the consent. Maintaining confidentiality makes service users or clients within the health care setting feel comfortable, this is because there might be some issues they would not want to discuss or others to discuss their personal information with people. Early years care...
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