Malden Mills

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Case one is to be done as a group case study. It is due by June 26, 11:59 PM. Submit the completed case to the case assignment area in the module 2 folder. I strongly suggest your group decide on a timeline to assure the final copy is completed on time. Then as individuals you should adhere to that timeline!

Per the syllabus - Case Studies - Written studies should be typed, double spaced, 12 point font. In order to not lose points, I would expect at least three pages for the body of case studies, a cover page and bibliography. Answer all questions asked. Please use MS Word. See Case Studies/Short Papers document and outline to guide your work under the Course Information button. I ask that each of you submit a copy on time! Make sure all of your names are on the cover page. As an individual, you will lose points if you submit your copy late!

Use the team discussion forum to discuss the case. The forum is not graded, but is for your use. There are also team chat rooms set up for your use.

Read the Malden Mills case and answer the following questions. I would suggest the use of Waddock text chapters one and two in your analysis (but you can use others). Consider the stakeholders and the three spheres of civilization. Start with the question being asked, then answer it. Also, use at least three other sources in your analysis.

1. What is your assessment of Aaron Feuerstein? Does he deserve to be hailed as a hero? Why or why not?

The story of Malden Mills and Aaron Feuerstein is a story of true leadership, where his morals and values were put to the test and he protected one of his most prized assets – his employees. In a time when CEOs are applauded for making decisions such as cutting costs, downsizing, and moving to areas of cheap labor to turn a profit and keep stockholders happy, Aaron Feuerstein had the courage to look out for the community and employees first. He put his money, reputation and family business on the...
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