Topics: Need, Person, Disappointment Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: July 23, 2013
While translating ambition to achievement, can booming businesses afford to ignore the career needs and self-respect of their employees? This a case is about a translation of Mr. Subir’s ambition to achievement, career needs and self-respect gone in an company called Opsys within a short period of time after he join that company. Opsys was an IT consulting practice in software development, modifying and adapting other packages. Subir’s first disappointment is he was placed in a salary bracket of very low compared with other IT programmers. Then issue of date of joining. Bari told Subir he would have to join the very next day as it was very critical. The next discontent was the absence of any warmth in that reply from his new head RK. The entire environment language, the systems, the rules, the dos and don’ts that were read out, the way they were all given number-stickers — it was all about managing a crowd. The feeling of discomfort grew by the day. Subir could not help comparing the telecom sector with IT:yet, HR at Opsys handled people like equipment. This attitude to people was disconcerting. Also he was not able to met his head RK. He was always looks busy and no response from him too. Subir was by now thoroughly disenchanted. Is RK’s time never about the people in his team, at least the new ones? If there is no immediate visible need for me, why was HR insisting I join the next day and even getting annoyed? What’s the story behind all this drama that I am being subjected to? Am I needed at all? During his fist meet with RK he was again insulted. Since RK ask as “Since you are a senior person, you should look at how you would like to build the business. Put down your thoughts and we will catch up later to discuss your ideas. Functional consultants (FC) were a free-flowing bunch, hanging loose at the periphery of the system. All efforts expended were towards minimising costs and maximising billing. Subhir sent an email to RK... Lost in Translation

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