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MARKETING STRATEGY (M4) MARKETING 3 (MAR303) (OPEN BOOK) 22 OCTOBER 2012 4 HOURS 100 Student to bring to exam venue Supplied at back of question paper


: : : :

: 1. Amarula Cream 2. Flight of the Fish Eagle :

1. Please refer to the examination rules and regulations as found in the examination answer book 2. Answer ALL the questions in Section A and Section B. 3. It is suggested that you allocate your time as follows: • Section A (30 marks) – one (1) hour • Section B (70 marks) – three (3) hours. 4. Read all questions carefully to determine exactly what is required before attempting to answer. 5. Set your answers out in a systematic way under appropriate headings and subheadings. 6. Number your answers clearly. 7. IMPORTANT: Indicate the questions attempted by drawing a circle around the question number on the front cover of the answer book. NOTE: • • Examination answer books are the property of the IMM GSM and may not be removed from the examination hall. Answers to examination questions should not include appendices in the form of personal notes to the examining panel.

© IMM Graduate School of Marketing October 2012 Examination M4/MAR303

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Answer the following question relating to the Amarula Cream case study which you were instructed to bring to the examination venue. QUESTION 1 [30]

Discuss the growth strategies you would recommend Amarula Cream follows to further penetrate the South African market. Describe how you would develop these strategies.


Answer all of the following questions relating to the Flight of the Fish Eagle case study. QUESTION 2 [15]

In what stage of the product life cycle do you think Fish Eagle finds itself? Give reasons for your answer. What strategies would you suggest for this stage? QUESTION 3 How has Fish Eagle used social marketing to help...
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