Marketing Research Tutorial 3

Topics: Qualitative research, Scientific method, Case study Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Tutorial 3
Question 2:
What type of qualitative research would you suggest in the following situation? a. A product manager suggests development of a non-tobacco cigarette blended from wheat, cocoa and citrus. It is a good idea to produce a new product, but it’s acceptable from customer? Therefore, in this case the product manager can use the phenomenology research. They can ask for a group of people to try the new product, and the respondents will be asked to describe their experience as they perceive the product. By using this research which can study human experience based on the idea that human experience itself and give own feedback, therefore from this research the product manager can study each of their perception about the non-tobacco cigarette. Then make a right decision whether produce or not. b. A research project has the purpose of evaluating potential brand name for a new insecticide. In this case, the company should need to use grounded theory to research that customer perception about this product. The company can do depth interview, conversation, and semi-structure interview to collect the information from customer to know what brand they always prefer and it can help to decide a new product name. c. A manager must determine the best site for a convenience store in an urban area. It need to a business research and it would use the case studies method. Case study method is to get information from one or few situation that is similar to the researcher’s problem situation. In this case, the manager can do data collection from the citizen who stays there, where they prefer to have a convenience store, or find the documents and archival records that people who has done this research before. The case study can get more information and it can help in making a decision. d. An advertiser wishes to identify the symbolism associated with cigar smoking. In this case, the advertiser needs to go through a research which name ethnography...
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