Mental Health

Topics: Mental disorder, Anxiety, Agoraphobia Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: May 3, 2013
According to "Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration" (2009), “more than 45 million adults or 26% of the adult population reported experiencing a mental illness in the past year. Of those who reported experiencing mental illness, also reported they are not under the care of a mental health or medical professional, in other words the mental illness is going untreated” (Mental Illness and Mental Health Service) . Additionally, almost half of the people suffering with a chronic health condition suffer with a mental disorder as well. The diagnosis of anxiety disorder accounts for more than 60 percent of all documented mental illness ("National Institute Of Mental Health", 2013). The term Anxiety disorder is a broad term covering several common types of mental or psychiatric disorders. All disorders falling into this category are characterized by extreme, unwarranted and unnecessary worry, fear and apprehension. The worry can be real or perceived. A careful examination by the appropriate health professional is important; there are many psychiatric and medical signs/symptoms which mimic each other. For example someone with high blood pressure may experience agitation, restlessness and a feeling or worry, which are the same symptoms experienced by someone with mental illness. One diagnosis which resides under the umbrella of anxiety disorder is agoraphobia. Zelman, Tompary, and Raymond (2010) stated “a hallmark of agoraphobia is anxiety in situations where the sufferer perceives there is no safe exit or escape” (Mental Health). Believe it or not, wide open spaces with nowhere to seek shelter, large crowds, especially those that are thought of as uncontrollable such as shopping malls, sporting events and airports are most terrifying to the agoraphobic. This disorder is linked to panic attacks; in fact the sufferer begins to fear the onset of a panic attack almost as much as the inability to safely exit a public space. They...
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