Mrs. Neha Patel

Topics: Management, Process control, Control theory Pages: 8 (1018 words) Published: December 31, 2012
GLS MBA Program



Course: - Management Control Systems (MCS)

Course Credit: FullCourse Code: MCS
Instructor: Prof. Neha J. Patel

Course Objective:
Every organization is meant for achieving pre-set goals and objectives. Well thought-out strategies are being implemented for this purpose. Execution of these strategies assumes as much importance as formulation itself. Management control systems are designed in order to implement these strategies successfully. The process of implementation of the strategies and the dilemma faced by managers are the main focus of this course. It envisages strategic planning, budgeting, resource allocation, performance measurement, evaluation, and reward/ responsibility centre allocation. Thus, the main objective of this course is to equip the students with the skills for effective implementation of strategies and resolving the attendant problems.

Text Books:
• Robert Anthony & Vijay Govindarajan – Management Control Systems: Text & Cases (Tata McGraw- Hill Publishing Company, Latest Edition) • Pradip Kumar Sinha – Management Control Systems (Excel Books, Latest Edition) • N. Ghosh – Management Control Systems (PHI, Latest Edition)

Reference Books:
• Joseph A. Maciariello and Calvi J. Kirby – Management Control Systems (PHI, Latest Edition) • Ravindhra Vadapalii- Management Control System (Excel, Latest Edition)

List of Journals/Periodicals/ Magazines/ Newspapers etc.:
• Professional selling,
• Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Mgmt.,
• Journal of Marketing Channels,
• Journal of Supply Chain Mgmt.,
• International Journal of Retail and Distribution Mgmt., etc.

Evaluation Plan:
The evaluation of participants will be on continuous basis comprising of the following elements:

|Components |Weight-age |Due Date | |1 Project + Presentation |15% |As per schedule | |1 Assignments |10% |As per schedule | |2 Quizzes |20% | | |Class Participation/ Attendance |5% |As per schedule |

• Quiz: As per schedule, the quiz is aimed to keep the participants in-tune with the subject on a continuous basis. They will be used as the instrument to provide constant feedback to the participants on the basis of their performance to seek necessary improvements. .

• Assignment: During the sessions, the participants will be given the course assignments. The assignments may pertain to presenting the subject related articles, solving case studies or performing given exercises.

• Attendance: To check the regularity of individual student in all the sessions. Sessions Plan:
|Sessions |Topic | |1-2 |Introduction to Management Control Systems, Basic Concepts, Boundaries of Management Control. | | |Readings: The theory chapters of text book are suggested. | |3-4 |The Nature of Control Systems. | | |Different Levels of Planning and Control. | | |Strategy Implementation aspects, Interfaces of Various Disciplines....
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