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Topics: UCI race classifications, Tour de Georgia, Scientific method Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: March 4, 2014
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Knowledge and Information Systems Management (2014)
KM Case Study (S1)
For this assignment you have to answer the questions pertaining to case studies from Newell et al.'s book in the form of essays. For the first essay you can choose which one of two cases you want to write about. The second essay is compulsory. Note that some of the cases have additional questions added to those from the book. Bear in mind that the point of the assignment is to construct a plausible answer, not to find a "correct" answer. Upload your two completed essays in a single file (only one file per student is allowed). Essay 1 (choose one case to answer):

Case study 7.1 - ICC (pp.159-163)
1.1) What do you see as the main strengths and limitations of the KMS at ICC? 1.2) How would you describe the problems of the KMS at ICC - technical, organisational or a combination of both? (And of course give reasons for your answer). 1.3) Why do you think there are differences between the MECs and LECs in terms of their use of the KMS at ICC? 1.4) What recommendations would you make to ICC to improve their KMS? 1.5) What do you think of this case? Give the case a critical reading. OR

Case study 4.1 - Research Team (pp. 98-103)
2.1) What knowledge boundaries existed between the members of Research Team? 2.2) How did interaction affect the development of trust in this project team? Was this different among the PI and RO groups (and in what way)? 2.3) What impact did integration mechanisms have on the development of trust? 2.4) How did power and conformity affect knowledge creation within this project team? 2.5) What does the Research Team case teach us about knowledge creation in multi-disciplinary/transdisciplinary contexts? Essay 2:

Case study 10.1 - BioTech (pp 244-252)
3.1) Strategically what was BioTech's main knowledge purpose? 3.2) What knowledge processes existed in BioTech and how well were they embedded? 3.3) Critically evaluate whether overall...
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