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Topics: Obesity, Blood sugar, Hypertension Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: May 4, 2013

By Norallyda bt Alang Azisham

Many believed that our new generation of life had experienced growing up within "a taste of heaven and luxury" in parallel to the increment of their age. Hence, there is no doubt why we are living in such a way of exquisite life. However, there is certain thing that we must take as a precaution as a saying goes, it is better to prevent than to cure. So thus with the case of obesity that become so severe. Generally, people know that obesity is one of the disease that is caused by consuming big amount of food. But based from the science fact, its happen over time when you take in more calories than you use which means lack of energy balance and it is dangerous if there is no action over this case. That is why by knowing the causes and understanding the effects of obesity, the probability to lower down the number of this problem might be greater because who does ever wanted to suffer from obesity ? Obviously,obesity kills. It just depends on whether you are aware of it or not.

First and foremost, obesity is mainly caused by having an inactive lifestyle. Many people aren't physically active. Many Americans aren't very physically active. One reason for this is that many people spend hours in front of TVs and computers doing work, schoolwork, and leisure activities. In fact, more than 2 hours a day of regular TV viewing time has been linked to overweight and obesity.Other reasons for not being active include: relying on cars instead of walking, fewer physical demands at work or at home because of modern technology and conveniences, and lack of physical education classes in schools.People who are inactive are more likely to gain weight because they don't burn the calories that they take in from food and drinks. An inactive lifestyle also raises your risk for coronary heart disease, high blood pressure,...
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