National Cranberry

Topics: Inventory, Cranberry, Clothes dryer Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 28, 2009
Case Study: “National Cranberry Cooperative”

Question 1: “Draw a Process Flow Diagram of Receiving Plant 1”. For each step in the process indicate the resource pool, number of resources in the pool, total capacity of the pool.

There are actually 27 holding bins, some of which can hold either dry or wet cranberries. Total Destoning machine capacity is 4500 bbl/hr
Total Dechaffing machine capacity is 1500 bbl/hr dry and 3000 bbl/hr wet cranberries Total Dryer capacity is 600 bbl/hr of wet cranberries
Total Separating capacity is 1200 bbl/hr

Question 2: “What is the maximum long-term achievable throughput of RP1?”

There are actually two limitations on throughput for Receiving Plant 1. For wet cranberries, throughput of RP1 is limited by the Dryer capacity to 600 bbl/hr. In terms of total throughput of RP1, the limitation is on Separating capacity at 1200 bbl/hr

Question 3: “Plot the inventory of berries (trucks and bins) over time for a peak day where 19,000 bbls of berries arrive over an 11 hr period. Will inventory be depleted in 24 hrs?

70/30 (wet/dry) mix is 13,300 bbl wet and 5,700 bbl dry berries Uniform delivery over 11 hr period is 1210 bbl/hr arrival of wet and 520 bbl/hr of dry Wet berries can be processed at 600 bbl/hr (limited by Dryer capacity) With a 1200 bbl/hr Separator capacity, this indicates that dry berries can be processed at

600 bbl/hr while 600 bbl/hr of wet berries are also being processed.

Therefore, wet berries will accumulate at (1210-600=610 bbl/hr) Dry berries will not accumulate at all (processed as fast as they arrive 600 > 520 bbl/hr)

Inventory will build up at 610 bbl/hr until it reaches 6710 bbl when trucks stop arriving after 11 hrs. After deliveries complete, the accumulated inventory is processed at 600 bbl/hr (still limited by Drying capacity). Note that the holding bin capacity for wet berries is only 3200 bbls, so halfway through the day, trucks with wet berries will have to wait to...
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