National Pharma Case

Topics: Management, Scientific method, Feedback Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: October 24, 2012

Strengths of the analysis of the Discussant 1
• Highlighted the interests and gains of various stakeholders • Highlighted the various deficiencies in execution of the program • Breaking up of problems into appropriate sections : right to information, right to be consulted and right to decide jointly • Emphasized the fact that proper research has not been done and how the strategy has been forced by the top management

Strengths of the analysis of the Discussant 2

Strengths of the analysis of the Discussant 3
• Emphasized the lack of effort to get the complete buy in of the middle level mangers • Highlighted whatever, little trust in the management was developed with the partnership approach, got seriously undermined in the way management team approached the business crisis with regard to people issues. • Pointed out that for success of a strategy ,regular team briefings are important which wasn’t the case with the National Pharma company.

Limitations of the analysis of the Discussant 1

Limitations of the analysis of the Discussant 2

Limitations of the analysis of the Discussant 3

Learning from the case
1. 2. • • • • 1. 2. • • • • • • • • • • • Communication Enthusiasm at all levels Attitude surveys It is a questionnaire survey of employees On a one-off or regular basis Which is designed to discover their views About a variety of factors connected with work Orientation of hr to strategy Team briefings Factors Impacting Working of EI 1. Mgt’s willingness to concede some prerogatives 2. Training of mgrs/WM in group-working skills ––Presentation––Leadership––Assertiveness––Problem-solving 3. Provision of proper feedback mechanisms 4. Taking action to implement group decisions 5. Realize: Conflict helps developing initiative Explains new and changed policies––Explaining co. plans ––Telling progress in aspects of organizational functioning ––People: appointments, personnel matters ––Feed back to...
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